Shree Ganeshaya Namah



Jai Shree Krishna and Welcome

I am a Hindu Saraswat Brahmin Priest based In North London. I perform Hindu wedding ceremonies in England and abroad.

Coming from a priest family my love of pooja’s and mantras came at a very early age.

The Hindu marriage ceremony is over 5000 years old. The ceremony is performed in the presence of a sacred fire and an assembly of family and friend’s. Each act of the ceremony has a symbolic and spiritual meaning. The mantras are read from the Holy Scriptures in Sanskrit.

I conduct wedding ceremonies for couples in Gujrati, English, Hindi and several other languages.
My services include renewing wedding vows for couples who want to celebrate and relive their wedding moments with their children, family and friends.

I help plan your day with both sides of the family to make sure you special day goes smoothly. My wedding ceremonies are tailor made for each and every couple according to their needs and requirements.